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Madhogarh is a typical small Rajasthani town, with a exhilarating sight of potters, weavers, carpenters, cobblers, carpet makers ,etc can be seen playing their trade in the century old traditional way.

The trail begins from the Fort of Madhogarh and goes thru the whole village. The walk passes through fresh and picturesque environments, community, arts and craft, artisans at work. The walk takes 2.5 - 3 hours at a leisurely pace. Plenty of opportunities exist along the route to rest, admire the view or chat with local people enjoying Madhogarh's trails and sidewalks. The Guests can even play with the village children. If you are  lucky you can see peacock and parrots on the trees.

Experience the splendors of the past while exploring the region in style and comfort. A thrilling and captivating one day Zeep safari tour of Madhogarh that showcases major tourist spots like Tunga Battle field, Step Well, Cenotaphs, Nani Ka Nath Temple and one can enjoy the scenic beauty and explore the village. One can also interact with the people of Meena Caste. During Zeep Safari the guest can also enjoy the glimpse of wildlife at Madhogarh, like Peacock, Parrot, Nilgai,  Rabbits Partiridge, Doves, Common Sparrow  etc.

Riding a camel is not the easiest thing in the world. Nor is it a great test for endurance. Yet, it most certainly is a great experience. We provide good, trained, riding camels. In Camel Safari, you will explore the Madhogarh village, Tunga battlefield, mango grooves and local schools. You'll feel transported back in time to a romantic, turbulent era of turbaned warrior-princes, martial valor, and cloistered harems.

Our camel ride takes you a short distance along the village; where the wonderful sights and a glimpse into Madhogarh's rural life will captivate you. Life vibrates to the sound of music and sways in a profusion of colors. Sturdy moustached men in colorful turbans, cheerful women in multi-hued skirts, caparisoned camels.
This is a very relaxing and enjoyable half-day for everyone to enjoy.

Roam around the village and you'll discover artwork, jewelry, carpets, bangles khadi, moojari and souvenirs, there's something for every taste here. You'll be amazed at the quality and variety of the handcrafts and gift items our artisans offer, and marvel at the unique designs of artists. The carpets manufactured here are one of the finest and exported.

Guests can have a demonstration of how lack bangles are made. The moojari made in Madhogarh are very traditional and less expensive then the one found in nearby places like Jaipur. You can also buy sarees with handwork of sequins done by the local artisans. Visiting the Village is like spending the day at a charming outdoor craft show.

Madhogarh is known for its historical monuments which are the remittent of the famous Tunga War. One can also see historical cenotaphs of the famous warriors who gave their lives for the victory of Jaipur. One can see the famous place Ajit Khera the last camping place of The Maratha army. They can also see old step wells and temples. The hotel organizes special excursion tours to these places.

For the enthusiastic birdwatcher and the lover of nature alike, this trip is particularly made for you. We depart from the Fort Madhogarh before sunrises and arrive at the Patan Dam Which is 7 kms from Madhogarh. This spectacular event is unique as hundred's of birds rise in unison to welcome the new day. The variety of birds includes Spoonbills, Open bill Storks, Darters Siberian Cranes, Geese, Local inhabitants like Kingfishers and Peacocks and Parrots can also be seen