Thakur Bhawani Singh

Battle Of Tunga - Madhogarh

Benoit De Boigne

Mahadaji Scindia

Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh

Maharaja Sawai Ram Singh II of Jaipur  was a perfect and a complete ruler. He gave to Jaipur, the modernized version of Sports Education Theater, Medicines And Industrial Arts. He married in Madhogarh family and gave Madhogarh  as a hereditary estate to Thakur Pratap Singh Ji a Rajput of Bhati clan. Fort Madhogarh is  400 year old property build by Madho Singh who belongs to a Rajput of  Kachava Clan

Just when the plasters of the fort were pealing off and stoneslabs falling under the ravages of time, the family whose ancestors Thakur Bhawani Singh the fourth generation direct descendant. When he saw his beautiful fortress turning into rubble he embarked on the project to convert it into a family run heritage hotel. Launched into a hotel in July 2000, the fort promised a transcendental experience to visitors

The decisive battle between Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh Ji of  Jaipur and Mahadaji Scindia of  the Marathas was fought in the plains of Tunga-Madhogarh on 28th July 1787. The battle started at 9 am and lasted till about one hour after sunset. The combined Rajput army of Jaipur and Jodhpur was about 50,000 strong while the Maratha army was larger, with about 80,000 soldiers.

The Maratha army had a professionally trained battalion under the command of the famous French General Benoy De Boigne. He was Born into the Leborgne family in Chambery (France) 1751.He led an exemplary career , as a General, training and commanding the Maratha Army. He was the most trusted General of Sindhia's army. He was never beaten.  He was an Adventurer, a Great Strategist, and a Subtle diplomat.

The Rajput army decisively defeated the Maratha army. In fact the Maratha General, Mahadji Scindia, one of the most gifted military geniuses of the Maratha Army, Contemporary of Mughal Emperor Shah Alam. He was granted the title of  "Vakil- e- Muttlak" the highest title in the Mughal court at that time. He  was forced to abandon the battlefield and leave at night. It was his military competence that prevented Tunga from becoming another Panipat.

The battle of Tunga - Madhogarh was a praise winning event in the life of Sawai Pratap Singh Ji of Jaipur as it was a decisive battle in the series of  warfare with the Marathas. He wouldn't have made it without the help of Maharaja Bijay Singh of Jodhpur because he helped him by sending 20 thousand Rathore soldiers. The causalities numbered in thousands. Even today in some fields in Tunga-Madhogarh pieces of rusted equipment and human bones are found.