Battlefield of Tunga

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The History that was its past is inextricably linked with its present. It was here that the armies of the Jaipur and Marathas laid siege. In later years as peace became common, the rulers created stately forts, most of which are now open to visitors as hotels. Madhogarh is located in east of Jaipur and it shares its border with Tunga Battlefield. It is  in Dundhar  circuit of Rajasthan.

Located 1 km away from Madho Garh, It has got a historical background because one of the decisive battle between Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh Ji of Jaipur and Mahadji Scindia of Marathas was fought on the plains of tunga. Maharaja Bijay Singh of Jodhpur had helped Jaipur army by sending Rathore soldiers under Bhim Singh's Command.

Around 1 km from Madhogarh lies the famous step well which is a major source of attraction. These step wells were made in ancient time as reservoirs of water and was used by the local people for cleaning clothes and taking baths. the well have 5 floors underground. The monument is best seen around noon, when sunlight penetrates the bottom of the five-storey square well shaft, making the exquisite sculptures, visible.

There is a Shiva temple nearby with a mesmerizing idol of lord Shiva with Parvati sitting in his lap. This is a rare idol and a must watch.

Is a small belt of sandy plains dotted with mango orchards adjoining Madhogarh this area is attached with the tunga battlefield. There is a famous saying that mangoes in this area are very sweet because they have been nourished with the blood of the martyrs of tunga war.

Is located 7 km away from Madhogarh. Guests would discover a temple which is famous for historical interest in harmony with the local landscape. The Temple is in the valley which is surrounded by Aravalli hills. Devoted to Lord Shiva , the temple is a place where visitors from all over Madhogarh and nearby villages come and offer prayers .

Every Monday a fair is held near the temple and a fair of grand scale is there on Maha Shivratri People from nearby villages come in thousands by buses, camels, cycles cart and whatever mode of transport is available to offer their prayers to Shiva. One can also view saints meditating. A trip to this temple is a must and one can have a picnic trip to a nearby pond of water.

Located 14kms from Madhogarh this yoga and naturopathy centre is a modern complex where Sadhaks ( Promotives ) rather then patients are provided hope in the treatment of a very large number of diseases and disorders. No medication is offered and, with gentle exercise, clean living and natural food cure are found to the debilitating ailments from which people suffer

Is located 95 kms from Madhogarh.  The park is best known for its tigers. There are about 28 tigers in the reserve at present. Another elusive animal is panther, around 40 of them abide in the peripheral areas of the park. Other carnivorous species include jackal, hyena, fox, jungle cat, ratal caracal  and slot bears. The park have more than 300 varieties of birds. A days excursion trip to this place is organized by the hotel.

Just about 95 kms away from Madhogarh Sariska is a sanctuary established in 1955 and it became a tiger reserve in 1979 offer an excellent opportunity to view a variety of animals at a close range. There Are tigers, Nilgai (Blue Bull ) Sambar, cheetal, four - horned antelope, jackals,  wild boar and langurs. The thick forest here are the deciduous type and cover an area of 480 sq kms. Guest can enjoy a day's Zeep Safari to Sariska Tiger reserve