Pratap Mahal Suite

Deodhi Phoola Mahal


The hotel, as it is, has 13 rooms of different categories with all modern amenities. Traditional decor and unique ambiance with all the comforts of modern day living are the specialties of our rooms.
According to the owner's son, Shiv Pratap Singh, "We want the foreigners to feel like the maharaja of Madhogarh."

 To this end, the drawings and engravings of olden times have been retained. Guest can enjoy a stay in the Pratap Mahal, the room Maharaja Sawai Pratap Singh Ji of Jaipur  used when on his campaign against the Marathas. You will find Pratap Mahal  Bed room to be the peaceful haven that everyone looks for at the end of the day.

This room is situated on top of Janani Deodi . In the olden times whenever the king used to go for war the queens used to shower flower petals on him. When the day is done, and the memories of the exciting new adventures is still fresh in your mind, there is nothing like the privacy and comfort offered to you in our spacious room.

Bathrooms have been done up to showcase the vivid colors and design elements that surrounded royalty of yore. Designed specially for royal guests and still maintained as they were originally,
each Bathroom has all the modern amenities like hot and cold water shower that you may need for a pleasurable trip. Some of the Bathrooms have bathtubs also.