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Indian Rajasthani Cuisine

Breakfast on the Ramparts

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Farm Fresh Vegetables

With hills encircling the fort from a distance and small brick structures of Madhogarh village lying at the foot, the visitor gets the feeling of being cupped under an ethereal dome with the horizons softly kissing the hilltop and embracing them all over. The town is dominated by the picturesque Madhogarh Fort which is situated on an elephant back shaped hill

Guests can now experience the famous Rajput hospitality and relive the glory of a bygone age.

The fort is still in a transition phase, from a bastion of  feudalism and its exclusivity to an accommodating modern structure . The exterior of the fort has been left untouched while  renovation of the interior is done.

The Hotel staff  takes personal responsibility   for the hospitality and to ensure it is not lacking. They take great effort to look after their guests. We have 24 hours of room service. The hotel ensures the best of services to its esteemed guests.

Rajasthani kitchen was able to create much from little it has also to cater to different communities with their own ritual observances.  The royal family of Bedla  (Udaipur) is famous for its traditional Rajasthani Cuisine. Now daughter of Bedla family is married in Madhogarh family so the guests can enjoy the rare Rajasthani dishes. Don't forgot to enjoy  Dal Bati Churma a famous Rajasthani Dish at Fort Madhogarh.

Commanding a splendid landscape the fort of Madhogarh also offers breathtaking views of the neighboring countryside. The views of the sunset and sunrise are specially unforgettable from hotels rampart. In Fact a panoramic view of the battlefield can be enjoyed from the Madhogarh Fort. During breakfast the guests can enjoy the fresh air of the village which keeps him  stress free and energetic throughout the day.

The Bedla recipes which are very famous in Rajasthan and abroad can be enjoyed by the guest during gala dinner. The hotel is specially decorated and illuminated with lights for this special occasion. The local folk dancers perform for the guests. To add to the pleasure the hotel arrange for fireworks. It is easy to imagine oneself transported into an age long ago when even fairy tales might have been true.

Traditional Oil Massages which is based on ayurvedic system is widely accepted both as general health and rejuvenation plan which are completely free of any toxicity and side effects This traditional massage is given by the local massacre which helps you to relax and gives you vitality in this fast past world. The massage is generally given in the evening as well early in the morning in open under the Sun.

In recent years there have been increasing cases of visitors coming  to Madhogarh to get married. Nowhere else is a marriage as likely to be romantic or majestic. It is an occasion when the bride and groom truly think themselves royal. However, even attending marriage as a guest is a special occasion. Madhogarh arranges such royal and Majestic weddings.

The hotel prepares mouthwatering cusines by farm fresh vegetables which are grown in the village itself. We ensure that the vegetables are freshly picked on as and when required to retain the freshness of food as storing of vegetables may cause ill health. The Rajasthani way of life is free from many of the stresses suffered by the people in urban areas because of the benefits that a healthy way of living and consumption patterns can provide.